Since its beginning, our life has always been intelligible,
as it is guided by love of coherence
and oriented to the coherence of love.
No one likes to be in the wrong.
This shows that we all aspire to coherence and,
thus, in truth, to the knowledge of agreement on our tendance toward unity.

The consciousness of our reason awakens us
to the reason for our consciousness,
and so to the immanent cause
of this existantial principle in our uni-verse.

Since we love coherence, let us be coherent!
Since we bear the signature
of this germ of harmony in our deepest hearts,
let us be authentic!
This essential verification leads rational beings logically
to engagement in Faith in our First Cause.

Third millenary man will no longer accept belief without reason.
Numbers of people, still today,
continue to present their religious conviction as irrational dogma,
which throws discredit on authentic Faith.

When one refers to our Reason for being one is,
however, supposed to Reason!
One cannot, then, pretend to be sincere without honestly being
in agreement with this essential evidence of our First Cause.

Incoherence disquiets rigorous spirits whose scepticism
is reinforced by the confusions which, in our time,
engender a proliferation of naïve propositions which undermine

A clarification is, thus, necessary
in the hope of reconciling one to another
thanks to consciousness of the unity of humanity.

I invite you to reason by reverting
to the foliowing pages offered to your click.

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